We’ve been listening to your online shoppers and these are their top concerns.

Force new account

Inconvenient account creation, requiring unnecessary and lengthy data collection in order to transact effectively.

No data privacy

Lack of transparency and trust around tracking, privacy and security during targeting and shopping.

Hidden/Added Cost

No customer value-add or incentives at checkout to reduce cost and encourage purchase.


Why Our Solution Works

Our AI Platform offers real-time conversion probability calculation at checkout with intelligent discount and shipping recommendation

Adaptive Multi-factor
Conversion Analysis

On Demand
Smart Deal Offer

Offer management

Predictive Personalized
Checkout Experience

Successful Partnership

We partner with brands wanting to provide more for their customers

Iuncta model is based on a mutually beneficial partnership between brands and consumers to demonstrate buy-in, build brand loyalty an establish trust through additional customer value-add.

Proactive Solution

We connect consumers and brands earlier in the buyers journey

Shoppers can proactively engage with their favorite brands before they visit the site with incentives waiting for them at checkout, offering real-time abandonment prevention. The alternative is a reactive approach that triggers a re-targeting of shoppers after they leave the site. Costly and ineffective.

Privacy Control

Transparency that leads to trust

Iuncta prioritizes privacy and data protection. An approach different from the consumer tracking and targeting model in play today. Users have authority over their data. A principle of least privilege system that only shares the minimum amount of data needed to transact.

Pay it forward

Convenient checkout with extended payment capabilities

Not only does Iuncta enable checkout on demand, it extends its secure remote payment for a family or friend without having to share credit card or credentials, just a username.

This message came from a retail brand website contact form.

There’s too much uncertainty in shopping online. The uncertainty increases the longer it takes to checkout, this results in abandoned carts.

An abandoned cart suddenly had a voice and it had a problem that the current cart abandomnment email re-marketing model couldn’t solve.

Fri, Dec 23 at 10:42 PM

Hi, Just making sure the site is legit and safe to buy from. What is your turn around time for orders? I’m interested in purchasing two, but don’t want to have dispute a credit card charge later or wait like 3 months to receive the product.

It’s time for a cart abandonment solution which actually converts

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