The Buying Intersection

The junction between consumers' desires and the brands that can fulfill them, using the value in identity to enable secure and seamless transactions making consumers comfortable enough to buy and enhancing brands effectivness to sell.

Consumer & Brand Partnership

A newly designed relationship model powered by identity and built on trust and loyalty that promotes a mutually beneficial brand and consumer partnership instead of a broken model defined by brand advertising and consumer targeting.

The Brands You Love

Tell us the brands you love and want a better online shopping experience at.

Become Partners

We go out and partner with them and integrate for added customer value.

So You Shop With Ease

You get to shop with ease with streamlined and secure transactions.

Shoppers Get

  • Express Checkout
  • Deeper Discounts
  • Free / Fast Shipping
  • Quick & Convenient Payment
  • Private & Secure Purchases

Retailers Get

  • Brand Loyalty
  • Increased Conversions & Sales
  • Consumer Trust
  • Satisfied Customers
  • Reduction In Marketing Spend


Here’s what you get?

When you become an Iuncta partner, you get a partner account with full access to integration resources and account specific user usage data and analytics.


Access to the complete list of Web API and downloadable Mobile SDK, to take full advantage of the Iuncta platform.

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A reference guide with step-by-step integration instruction, code samples and supporting API Specification Documents.

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Usage Analytics

Real time user access and activity monitoring.

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Expert Support

A dedicated integration and support personnel to guide you along the way.

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