Iuncta, feminine singular of iunctus, in Latin “connect”. The Internet we experience today is so siloed and there are multiple versions of user identity that exist that are disjointed with no interoperability . Iuncta challenges that paradigm by creating a way to unify those identities and allowing individual users to take control of their own. Further expanding on the theme of connection, Iuncta was founded by Swalé, under the premise that we are more powerful and our impact more effective if we band together and as a collective become the change we want to see. We live in a connected world where our interactions have become mostly digital and as a result, we’ve gotten accustomed to the practice of freely giving away our personal data as if though it is table stakes for normalcy. So much so that we have normalized the devaluation of our online identity while social media platforms, service providers and major corporations use the same personal data for gross profit.

For far too long users have unconsciously relinquish their identity, intellectual property and influence to these monopolizing entities that then monetize the information and use it to catapult themselves to success with zero indemnification for the users; even though majority of the platforms are ran on user generated content.

Iuncta’s mission is to help our users recognize worth in their personal data, re-establish the importance of their online identity and interactions and facilitate the proper compensation for its use. Iuncta’s consumer first social login is disruptively shifting the paradigm with user-controlled authentication and personal data management. Our motto is simple but sincere “Value your identity”.