Iuncta, feminine singular of iunctus, in Latin “connect”. The online shopping experience today is siloed and disjointed and although the user information required for brands and consumers to transact is the same across brand platforms, there is no real connection or centralize control for the source of the data, which is the consumer. This paradigm has been inefficient and ineffective, couple that with the lack of trust consumers have for online brands because of data privacy and transaction transparency concerns, this results in increase friction in the online purchase and checkout process. An innovation from the current model of multiple versions of consumer identity existing with no interoperability or user control, Iuncta introduces a revolutionary approach to tackling cart abandoment powered by centralized user identity provisioning, a solution that gives consumers secure control and authority over their personal and payment data at checkout.

We live in a connected world where our interactions have become mostly digital and as a result, user online identity is now more valuable than ever before. Iuncta leverages the value in identity as a utility to enable more value add for consumers during their digital interactions with their favorite brands, the same brands that also understand the value that exist in identity are willing to partner to enable seamless transactions between them and their consumers.

Iuncta’s mission is to help our users recognize worth in their online identity, re-establish control of it and establish ways for that newly acquired authority to enable a convenient and beneficial digital experience. Our motto is simple but sincere “Value your identity”.