Iuncta joins the Decentralized Identity Foundation.

Oct 13, 2021

Iuncta, the user controlled identity and access management platform, joined the Decentralized Identity Foundation (DIF) as a contributor to collaboratively establish an open ecosystem of decentralized identity that is accessible to all.

DIF’s mission is to advance the interests of the decentralized identity community, including performing research and development to advance “pre-competitive” technical foundations towards established interoperable, global standards.

From its inception, Iuncta’s mission and business model has been centered around the prioritization of users and helping them regain control of their online identity. Iuncta’s decentralized identity implementation is through user controlled identity provisioning.  It is the pioneering consumer first digital Identity and access management platform that empowers users by giving them authority over their online identity and management of their digital interactions.  


With so much synergy in this partnership, there is a lot of excitement around the future possibilities and the potential collaboration between other DIF Members.