Iuncta partners with Auth0 with new integration in the Auth0 Marketplace

Nov 29, 2022

In continuing its efforts to help pioneer and advocate for decentralized identity Iuncta announces its partnership with Auth0, An Okta company and a leading application platform for identity that offers a drop-in solution to add authentication and authorization services to applications. With the partnership comes a new Iuncta Platform integration into the Auth0 Marketplace. 

“As valuable as the partnership is for building relationships and interoperability between key stakeholders in the online identity space, what it also does is introduces diversity in the approach and principles into an existing marketplace of social logins.  With digital users becoming more informed about data privacy and the need to become more active in protecting their online identity, they expect a privacy-first login that will give them more control over and transparency into their data. There has been a growing distrust between users and the applications they interact with, Iuncta’s approach to online identity enables transparency that leads to trust.” said Swalé Nunez the founder and CEO of Iuncta.

The partnership announcement was coupled with an insightful blog post that details the integration and potential impact it will have on the future of digital interactions between users and applications. Read the full blog here.